[Morning Briefs] Violence and Optimism in Pocatello

6 Jan

On the left is Roque Johnson, arrested for a multitude of charges stemming from a domestic violence call. On the right is Nicholas Goodwin, who attacked a person and a car with a baseball bat. I hope they're cell mates and best friends now.

I’m going to go ahead an officially apologize to everybody in the rest of southeast Idaho, because almost every news item today came out of Pocatello. I’m sorry, it’s just how it is! But hey, you should be glad the domestic dispute runner, violent driver and pedestrian accident didn’t come from your town! To Pocatello, what can I say? So it goes. At least we have an optimistic and upbeat mayor. Mayor Blad apparently has some plans for this city and he’ll do his darnedest to make sure nothing gets in the way. We’ll see about that.

  • Pocatello police arrested a man on five charges last night, all stemming from a domestic violence call. The suspect, Roque Johnson, allegedly fled the scene before police arrived, but for some reason returned while they were doing the investigation. In addition to the domestic battery, police determined he also had a parole violation warrant out from a California armed robbery. Johnson fled the scene again, leading officers to Sacajawea Park, where they literally released the hounds on him. They caught up to Johnson later on the 1300 block of North Arthur Avenue, where he had allegedly called the victim and threatened her. As a result of all this, Johnson was slapped with  domestic battery, malicious injury to property, obstructing and resisting, fugitive to Idaho and felony intimidation of a witness. All in all I’d say it was a bad night for everyone involved.
  • If that whole mess wasn’t enough, Pocatello Police also responded to an accident at Arthur Avenue and Fremont Street that turned into a fight! According to police, one of the drivers, Nicholas Goodwin, pulled out a baseball bat and attacked the other driver, even going after the car. The anger seems to have been pretty one-sided, however. Police charged Goodwin with aggravated assault, citing him with vandalism, and charged the other driver with failing to yield at a left turn. But really, there were no winners in that fight.
  • Pocatello police and paramedics responded to the intersection of Benton Street and South Fifth Avenue yesterday for a pedestrian versus car accident. To make matters worse, the pedestrian was in a wheelchair. Police said the man was crossing the street (in his wheelchair of course) when a car, for some reason, the details aren’t available on this, hit him. It doesn’t appear to be very bad, the man was conscious and breathing when paramedics took him to the hospital, and officials said the injuries are not life-threatening. But still! The guy is in the hospital and the driver is sure to get a load of bad karma from this. [KPVI]
  • Apparently one in three homes in Idaho has dangerously high radon levels. Radon, of course, is an odorless, tasteless, invisible gas that seeps up from the ground and can cause lung cancer. Only smoking cigarettes causes more lung cancer. Local News 8 talked to the  Idaho Department of Health and Welfare about radon, and officials didn’t exactly paint a rosy picture of the whole situation. “You can live in a home for 20 years and not know that you have high radon levels,” said State Indoor Air Quality program manager Jim Faust. The only way to know if you have high levels of radon is to test your home. It doesn’t matter if your neighbors have low levels or you’re preeeeety sure you don’t have high levels. Just check it! [LN8]
  • Pocatello Mayor Brian Blad gave his State of the City address last night, which apparently turned out to just be some kind of video. Regardless, Blad outlined his 2012 goals for Pocatello, and they’re pretty lofty expectations. On his list: fund and break ground on the new animal shelter,  finish the greenway, break ground on the South End Connector, finally sell the old Fred Meyer building, and get Hoku up and running. Mayor Blad, your optimism is inspiring, but that’s a lot to do! Some of those things are kind of out of your control! Well I don’t want to be a pessimist over here, so I say we just wait and see. [LN8]

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