Bingham County Courthouse on lockdown due to “powder”

13 Jan

A hazmat team from Pocatello prepares to enter the Bingham County Courthouse (photo courtesy of Dana Wasserburger)

UPDATE: Local News 8 is reporting that the mysterious powder looks to be some kind of dish soap and is therefore probably not dangerous. The powder was in a letter to the county treasurer along with a check and a return address. Authorities talked to the sender and don’t believe there was any criminal intent. But there could have been, who was to say! Well done, team. 

The Bingham County Courthouse is on lockdown, meaning nobody is allowed in and nobody is allowed out, due to some kind of suspicious powder in a letter. What is this, 2001 all over again?

According to Local News 8, the courthouse went on lockdown at noon after the county clerk received a letter containing some kind of mysterious powder. The whole situation was handed over to the Bingham County Sheriff’s Office who is sending in a hazmat team from Pocatello. While these cases usually turn out to not actually be anthrax (remember the powdered sugar scares of the last decade?), you never know! People are crazy! We’ll have more on this as it comes in.


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