Idaho Republicans going after Occupy Boise

17 Jan

Occupy Boise protesters camp out during last year's demonstrations. State legislators could soon ban camping on the state land they use. (Photo via Occupy Boise)

Occupy Boise has been camping out in the city for quite some time now, but some state legislators are looking to kick them out for good. The city already has an ordinance on the books that bans camping on city property, which is why the group has been camping out in front of the old Ada County Courthouse, which is state land. But now, a group of Idaho Republican legislators is looking to write a bill that would ban camping on that particular state land as well, effectively kicking out Occupy Boise.

Boise Weekly talked to House Assistant Majority Leader Scott Bedke, who confirmed that a bill is being drafted that would ban camping on the Capitol Mall and nearby state land. The proposed legislation was initially on the agenda for tomorrow’s House State Affairs Committee meeting, but has since been removed, according to Occupy Boise. But that doesn’t mean the plan is dead in the water. It could resurface any time, and when it does, expect at least a few Guy Fawkes masks at the statehouse.

[via BW]


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