[Morning Briefs] Trending: Abductions, Death, Burglaries and Drugs

18 Jan

Police believe Jalyce Elizabeth Binegar,10, (left) was abducted by her mother, Genevette Joely Garner (right) in Idaho Falls.

Another girl has been abducted by a mother without custody, making this an official trend in southeast Idaho. An Amber Alert is out for 10-year-old Jalyce Elizabeth Binegar, and police believe her mother is taking her to Mexico. Check out the details below and call the police if you know anything. In other regional trends, another Idaho soldier was killed overseas, Pocatello was hit by a string of car burglaries and more people were arrested on drug charges. Nobody likes these trends, gods of southeast Idaho, so let’s just get back to the dogs being rescued from wells, ok?

  • UPDATE: Police have cancelled the Amber Alert. An officer found the two in St. George, Utah at 9:30 this morning. An Amber Alert has been issued across Idaho for a missing 10-year-old girl abducted by her mother, who does not have custody. Sound familiar? Police believe 10-year-old Jalyce Elizaeth Binegar was abducted by her mother, Genevette Joely Garner, 31, in Idaho Falls seemingly at some point yesterday. They think Garner is headed to Mexico, and the note Jalyce left her grandmother, which says to return her books to school, only makes the situation look worse. According to Local News 8, Garner has a history of mental illness and has actually abducted her daughter before. Jalyce is 4 feet tall and 90 pounds with brown hair and hazel eyes. and Garner is 5 feet 2 inches tall and 140 pounds with blond or strawberry blond hair and blue eyes. Jalyce was last seen at 1320 N. Portal Stone Run in Idaho Falls. Garner is driving a red 2002 Dodge Stratus with Idaho plates 8BBV361. If you have any information, contact the Bonneville County Sheriff’s Office at 208.529.1200. [LN8]
  • The U.S. Department of Defense has announced that an Idaho Marine stationed in Afghanistan has died in combat. Lance Cpl. Kenneth Cochran, 20, of Wilder, Idaho, died alongside an Oklahoma Marine on Sunday in the Helmand province, although military officials did not say how the two died. [KPVI]
  • The Pocatello Police Department investigated eight, yes EIGHT, vehicle burglaries last night. All the burglaries were on the east side of town, and presumably done by the same person or people (unless this was all just a great coincidence). Police have advised everybody to keep their cars and trunks locked, which could imply (at least in my humble opinion) that these weren’t break-in-burglaries so much as they were simply-open-the-car-and-steal-things burglaries. So lock your cars at night, Pocatello! Unless you REALLY trust the people in town, which you really shouldn’t. We could get into a whole humans are inherently good/bad discussion, but let’s just not, OK?
  • Pocatello Police arrested two ISU football players last night for possession of a controlled substance, but didn’t seem to want to give any real details about it. Police arrested Jordan Howard Monga, 21, and Austin James Schnizler, 22, at 419 South 19th Street, but said in the press release “No further details available.” So it was important enough to mention, but not important enough to give any actual information about? Come on, PPD, you’re getting lazy! According to KPVI, the two were dismissed from the team.

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