[Morning Briefs] Guns and Crashes!

23 Jan

Mad Mike's, a Pocatello pawn shop, lost four shotguns in a Monday morning burglary. The suspects are still on the loose.

Our internet isn’t working today! Technology, right? So while there is probably more we would include in today’s morning briefs, we’re limited to what we received via e-mail. Apologies to all who wanted more. That said, today’s briefs are dangerous! Those roads might not be icy, but that doesn’t mean they’re not slick. Three people unfortunately had to find out the hard way after a pretty scary accident on I-15 on Saturday morning. Two days later, two burglars made off with four shotguns from a Pocatello pawn shop. Yikes. Let’s all stay on our toes, ok?

  • Pocatello Police are looking for two suspects who might have stolen several guns from Mad Mike’s Pawn Shop on South Main Street early Monday morning. Dispatch received a call at about 2:30 a.m. that two suspects were running across Main Street carrying long guns. Upon further inspection, officers discovered that the door to the pawn shop had been forced open. Four shotguns were missing from the shop’s inventory. The caller said the suspects were wearing hoodies, one dark and one light. Police have searched the area but have not found the suspects or the shotguns.
  • Three people were injured in an accident south of Inkom on Saturday morning, after a pickup truck and tractor trailer crashed through a guardrail and down a 50-foot embankment. The accident began when Steven A. Shade, 60, of Ogden, lost control of his pickup on the slick roads of Interstate 15. Shade’s truck hit a guardrail, then struck a passing tractor trailer. After impact both drivers lost control of their vehicles and crashed through the guardrail and down the steep embankment. The driver of the tractor trailer, 29-year-old C.J. Paler, of Rupert, was taken to the Portneuf Medical Center along with Shade and his passenger.
  • Newt Gingrich came away with a last-minute blowout over Mitt Romney in South Carolina’s Republican presidential primary Saturday, essentially turning the contest into a two-man race. Gingrich walked away with 40 percent of the vote to Romney’s 28. Rick Santorum, who was officially declared the victor of the Iowa Straw Poll earlier this month, pulled in about 17 percent of the vote, while Ron Paul managed 13 percent. Gingrich, Romney and Santorum now all have one major victory under each of their belts as the candidates continue the nomination battle in Florida, which will hold its primary on January 31.

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