[Morning Briefs] Escape the Horrors of Idaho for Oakland!

24 Jan

See that fancy jet and blue sky? YOU could be on that flight headed from cold Idaho Falls to sunny Oakland!

Sometimes this cold, snowy, mountain region is full of horrors. Vicious attempted murders! Uncomfortable alleged racism! Dumb politics! Well have no fear! Allegiant Airlines has announced a new, nonstop flight from dreary Idaho Falls, to sunny, beautiful Oakland! Yes, even you can go see a Raiders game or do whatever it is people do in Oakland. Go to San Francisco? Well whatever you do it probably won’t be cold. That’s got to count for something, right?

  • Karissa Salaz, a Chubbuck woman charged with kidnapping and attempted murder last spring, was sentenced to 15 years in prison yesterday. Salaz, 19, and three others lured the female victim to Salaz’s apartment before beating her with a hammer and their fists, stripping her and throwing her into the frigid waters of the Snake River. Fortunately the victim managed to crawl to safety. Since Salaz was the owner and driver of the car, the state argued that she could have driven to the hospital or police station, but instead drove to the river. In the sentence, five years are fixed, but the other 10 are up for later discussion. The judge cited Salaz’s smaller role in the actual beating and disposal of the body as the reason for her lesser sentence. [KPVI]
  • The Shoshone-Bannock athletic director and school board are filing a sportsmanship complaint with Idaho High School Activities Association, the Fifth District Board of Controls and the Idaho Civil Rights Commission, after two high school basketball players were wrongfully accused of, and subsequently tested for, consuming alcohol before a game against Clark County on Jan. 20. The Clark County sheriff was allegedly called onto the scene after one Clark County fan accused the two players of drinking before the game, but the Breathalyzer test, which seemed to be taken without reasonable suspicion or probable cause, came up negative. With the complaint, the school board is hoping to send a strong message that they do not want the younger generation to experience the same level of racial discrimination that the older generations have felt for years. [KPVI]
  • Allegiant Travel Company announced a new nonstop flight between Idaho Falls and Oakland, Calif. beginning April 27. Finally! Like a knight in shining armor, Allegiant has arrived to transport us from the cold, snowy mountains to sunny California!  For the first few weeks, the fares will start at $40, but will probably get more expensive. Just a guess! Allegiant already offers service from Idaho Falls to Las Vegas and Phoenix, but now you can go to beautiful Oakland too! [LN8]
  • Two top Idaho Republicans officially removed two redistricting commissioners from the panel tasked with redrawing a state redistricting map, despite warnings from the attorney general that such removals are illegal. Republican Chairman Norm Semanko and Idaho House Speaker Lawerence Denney removed Randy Hansen, a former Twin Falls legislator, and Dolores Crow, a former House member from Nampa, from the commission Tuesday morning, as they threatened to do Monday. Crow, however, has said she isn’t going anywhere, which could mean another fight with the Idaho Supreme Court, who just last week ruled the commission’s map unconstitutional. [IDS]

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