Police trying to figure out Fort Hall highway stabbing

25 Jan

A new mystery is slowly being uncovered in Fort Hall, after a man allegedly stabbed a woman on I-15 Wednesday. Now, police are looking for the victim and another man who was with her. They’re also looking to figure out what exactly happened.

According to the Public Affairs Department of the Shoshone-Bannock tribes, a driver called 911 after reportedly seeing a man and woman chasing another man down southbound I-15 between mileposts 81 and 82 Wednesday. The man being chased then allegedly crossed the highway and started walking north toward Blackfoot.

The driver pulled over to ask if everything was OK, and the pair told him the other man had stabbed the woman, who was holding her stomach. They then got into a blue car with an 8B license plate—indicating they are from Bonneville County, and drove off. The driver called 911 and the ISP and Fort Hall Police jumped on the case.

The Bingham County Sheriff’s Office got lucky when an officer spotted a male walking on the side of the same highway. He said he had nothing to do with the stabbing, but was generally uncooperative and therefore arrested.

So we have a victim and a witness, who are nowhere to be found, and a potential suspect, who claims his innocence. But when police don’t have a true witness, or even the victim, they can’t know much at all. They are still looking for that blue car with an 8B license plate and trying to unravel the whole mystery.

[via LN8]


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