ISP seize 68.8 pounds of weed in Canyon County

26 Jan

And you thought the local busts were big. An Idaho State Police trooper seized 68.8 pounds of marijuana in a traffic stop bust Wednesday evening in Canyon County. According to a press release, the trooper stopped a rented 2010 Nissan Titan with Oregon plates for a “traffic violation” on I-84 near milepost 27. They probably weren’t expecting to find any drugs (or WERE they??) but boy, did they find the motherload.

The driver was 39-year-old Justin Cody Brownrigg, of Eugene, Ore. After police detected the odor of marijuana, he initially admitted to being in possession of eight to ten grams of weed, and also a medical marijuana card. The problem was that he was driving through Idaho, a state without legal medical marijuana, and driving to Utah, another state without medical marijuana.

Troopers searched the car and found that eight to ten grams, plus a small pipe, but also found three large duffel bags full of several large packages of weed. He was promptly arrested for felony drug trafficking and was booked into the Canyon County Jail. As it turns out, he was carrying 68.8 pounds of weed, worth about $172,000, according to the ISP.

Let that be a lesson to all you would-be drug traffickers! Idaho doesn’t mess around, and will search your car even if you can legally carry marijuana in other states (although it’s pretty rare to legally be able to carry 68.8 pounds).


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