Jackson cougar kittens on the lam!

26 Jan

Wyoming Fish and Game have spent the last three days trying to catch two cougar kittens that are loose and on their own. The pair initially stirred up trouble in the area after they teamed up with their mother to kill several deer on private property in the mouth of Cache Creek Canyon.

Authorities captured the mother cougar Monday but the 7-month-old kittens—who, it should be noted, are hardly kittens as we think of kittens—are still on the lam, making regular deer kills on private property. Fish and Game spokesman Mark Gocke said the two could very feasibly keep surviving. From the Jackson Hole News and Guide:

“They’re definitely eating meat,” he said. “They’re not small kittens. If they’re in dire straights or starving they would have come back to that deer kill. There’s not an immediate concern about that. Although it’s not an ideal situation, if they were to lose their mother, there’s a decent chance they could survive on their own,” Gocke said.

But still, the department would like to capture to kittens to reunite them with their mother. The initial killings were out of the ordinary and the blame could fall squarely on the shoulders of whoever might have been feeding the deer that were killed. Gocke said feeding deer draws them out of their natural habitat and therefore draws out their predators as well. So unless you want cougars and cougar kittens in your backyard (probably not as cute as it sounds), let’s maybe cool it on the deer feeding, OK?

[via JHNG]


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