IFPD arrests 11 for spice distribution

30 Jan

As if nobody got the message that Idaho police departments aren’t messing around on spice, the Idaho Falls Police Department arrested 11 people Saturday night for distribution of the synthetic drug. The drug was banned in Idaho last March, but some retailers and individuals continue to sell the substance or other very similar drugs.

In Saturday’s bust, officers seized hundreds of containers of spice along with cash, computer files and company cars. They arrested 11 people in total:¬†David Bartlett, 24, Lorraine Kay Torres, 44, William C. Brick, 24, Marc Augustus Adonga-Leonard, 21, Bryce Scott Mendel, 26, Brent Richard Powell, 22, Brian Keith Carson, Jr., 24, Becky Larue Jayne, 29, Alan S. Hales, 18, all of Idaho Falls; as well as Kelly Mark Nelson, 24, and Henry Villegas, 21, of Shelley. All were arrested for possession of a controlled substance with the intent to deliver, a felony.

The arrests stemmed from an ongoing investigation that began in December. Police apprehended the alleged spice distributors at the 1400 block of Cambridge Drive at about 10 p.m.


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