[Morning Briefs] A Bar Beating and Black Tar Heroin

30 Jan

Pocatello's Club Charley's was the site of an alleged hate crime on Saturday night, leading local LGBTQ group Pocatello Pride to offer $300.00 for information.

While nothing really happened this morning or on Sunday, there was plenty of action on Friday and Saturday, none of it particularly good news. A potential hate crime outside a Pocatello bar, a load of black tar heroin, an arrest at Century High School and more redistricting drama than you ever wanted or will ever want in your lifetime. Nobody said the news was glamorous, people.

  • Pocatello Pride announced via Facebook Sunday night that a gay man was beat up outside Club Charley’s by multiple people on Saturday, in what some are describing as a possible anti-gay attack. While there is no hard evidence that the attack was initiated because of the victim’s sexual preference, one person commented that the group was yelling “faggot” as they beat him outside the bar, which caters to the LGBT community. Pocatello Pride has been gathering donations to offer as a reward for information, and is now offering $300.00 to anyone who comes forward with the names.
  • Idaho State Police seized more than two pounds of black tar heroin during a routine traffic stop on U.S. Highway 93 Thursday afternoon. The trooper pulled over a 2002 Nissan XTerra with Nevada license plates in Twin Falls County for speeding. “Information was uncovered” that led to the discovery of a modified compartment within the car. Police searched inside and found two sealed packages that contained the heroin, which has a street value of just over $72,000. The driver, Yulenny Rojo-Lugo, 34, of Las Vegas, was arrested for trafficking heroin and a supplier out of Las Vegas was identified and issued  an arrest warrant.
  • Pocatello Police arrested a 15-year-old Century High School student Friday afternoon after the school was placed on lockdown twice last week. The lockdowns were allegedly initiated by written threats found in the school. He was charged with disorderly conduct, disturbing the peace and making a threat of violence on school property. He could face jail time or restitution for costs associated with the investigation, and will probably be suspended or expelled. Probably. Since he is a juvenile, police are not releasing his name.
  • The Idaho redistricting commission approved a new legislative map 6-0  Friday, after working “quickly and across partisan lines” according to the Idaho Statesman. Despite the complaints that caused the group to reconvene, the new map still splits the contentious Twin Falls County and forces several powerful incumbents into potential primary battles. The one big difference is that House Speaker Lawrence Denney, who tried to force two redistricting commissioners off the panel, will now face no primary opponent, while he faced four others in the previous map. Twin Falls County Prosecutor Grant Loebs, who challenged the map in November, said the new map still unnecessarily splits the county, and will talk to county commissioners Monday about backing yet another legal challenge to the map. [IDS/TN]

One Response to “[Morning Briefs] A Bar Beating and Black Tar Heroin”

  1. Toshia Harke 01/30/2012 at 10:14 am #

    Just to let you know, the reward for information on who attacked the young man is now up to $650. All has been donated by indiviuals, not Pride. We just got the word out :).

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