[Morning Briefs] A Utah Chairlift Tragedy

31 Jan

These chairlifts at Canyons Resort in Park City aren't dangerous, but a 19-year-old woman died Sunday after experiencing a seizure and falling 30 feet from a lift to her death.

Sometimes winter dangers come from the least-likely places. A 19-year-old Idaho Falls woman died Sunday after falling 30 feet from a chairlift in a Utah resort, a rare tragedy. In Idaho, state lawmakers are scratching their heads over a proposed bill that would allow truck drivers to drive 75 mph instead of 65 on highways. They did score a win, however, with what appears to finally be the end of the ongoing redistricting battle. In Wyoming, officials finally caught one of the two loose cougar kittens, but now need to find the other to reunite the family.

  • A 19-year-old University of Utah student from Idaho Falls died Sunday after falling off a chairlift at Canyons Resort in Park City. Asha Davenport was riding the High Meadows chairlift Sunday when she suddenly experienced a seizure and fell about 30 feet. According to an initial statement from the Canyons Director of Public Relations, ski patrol arrived at the scene within one minute, but rescue attempts proved to be unsuccessful. Davenport died on the scene. [PR]
  • Although officials are still disappointed with the newest redistricted Idaho legislative map, Twin Falls County will not go back to court with state lawmakers over what they still see as unfair and unnecessary split-ups of the county. The county took the last map to the Idaho Supreme Court, who ruled it unconstitutional, forcing the redistricting commission to go back to the drawing board. Although there are hardly any changes to the new map, county officials see it as “acceptable” and “substantially better” than the last one. [TN]
  • The Idaho senate is looking at new legislation that would allow semi-trucks to drive 75 mph instead of 65 mph on highways. State officials, as well as truckers, seem to be back and forth on the issue, in support of trucks getting to their destinations faster and cars not switching lanes as often, but nervous about the prospect of a truck, say, slamming on its brakes and causing an unnecessarily bad accident. The Idaho Department of Transportation is officially neutral on the issue and studies on the topic have all come back inconclusive. Left-lane drivers everywhere, however, are firmly opposed. Probably. [LN8]
  • Wyoming Fish and Game personnel caught one of the two loose cougar kittens in Jackson on Sunday, leaving only one more on the lam. Officials have been trying to capture the two 7-month-old kittens since last week, when they were separated from their mother, who was captured after the trio killed a deer on residential property. Despite stereotypical lost-cat concerns, these kittens have been surviving fine, dining on other deer and even moose. So how did they finally catch one of the cats? With a couple dogs, of course. [JHNG]

[Photo via Winter at Westminster]


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