Idaho Falls Pizza Hut embezzler hit with grand theft

1 Feb

An employee of an Idaho Falls Pizza Hut embezzled over $3,000 from the business since October.

The Idaho Falls Police Department arrested resident Tyler James Ker for grand theft Tuesday night, after he embezzled thousands of dollars from Pizza Hut. Who would do such a heinous thing?

According to police, Ker, 32, took about $3,400 between October and January 14 while working (his job title wasn’t mentioned, but let’s just guess cash register guy) at the restaurant on the 300 block of North Woodruff.

Although it sounds like Ker did this as carefully as possible, taking small amounts over months instead of just stealing a bunch of money at once, you really have to expect to be caught by one of the country’s biggest pizza chains. Although they didn’t mention how he embezzled money, I’m sure you all can use your imaginations, here.


One Response to “Idaho Falls Pizza Hut embezzler hit with grand theft”

  1. Kyle Keyes 03/12/2012 at 5:45 pm #

    Just for the record Tyler never stole anything although he admits to it his boyfriend at the time was taking money out of the register on a daily basis to support his addiction to Oxycotton true Tyler did cover for him on several occasions when other employees would say that they saw him take money out of the register Tyler tried to put the money back at the end of each day out of his own pocket but it bacame such a large amount Tyler had no way of paying it back and when the Hihigher ups of Pizza Hut caught on Tyler took the entire blame because he thought he would get in less trouble if he admited to it and his boyfriend at the time had several warents out for his aresst People do crazy things when they are in love and Tyler is obviously one of those people but I thought everyone should know the true story !

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