Idaho lawmaker wants two-thirds approval for all taxes

2 Feb

Republican state Sen. Steve Vick hates taxes. He has now introduced a bill that makes sure everybody knows.

We all know Republicans hate taxes, and with a Republican-dominated legislature, it’s already virtually impossible to pass any measure that raises them. But one such Republican lawmaker, Sen. Steve Vick, is looking to make it even more impossible.

Vick, who was elected with the help of the influential Tea Party vote, has previously made his anti-tax stance well known. His website says he believes in “Simplifying and REDUCING taxes” (capitalization his), and now he’s putting his principles to work, proposing a bill that would require a two-thirds approval for any tax hike, making any non-Republican-endorsed hike completely impassable.

Vick first introduced the bill in the House State Affairs Committee today, which passed the measure 15-3 along party lines. While some critics are arguing that the bill would weaken the government’s ability to respond quickly and effectively in the event a tax hike is someday needed, Vick argues that this just isn’t true. From Idaho Reporter:

“We still can (increase taxes), but we have to develop a broad consensus as to what taxes we’re going to raise,” Vick noted. “It just sets a higher standard.”

But a quick look at Idaho’s all-red legislature suggests this consensus Vick is talking about isn’t between Democrats and Republicans, but between establishment Republicans and the so-called Tea Party Republicans, who often disagree about the severity of issues like taxes.

But for now, the measure seems to simply be an unnecessary political maneuver to prove that the Republican party truly is the no-tax party, and a move that will force those establishment Republicans into an anti-tax corner, much like the well-hyped “Pledge to America” signed by Republicans in the national legislature. The bill will likely be heard within the next two weeks.

[via IDR]


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