[Morning Briefs] Gay Marriage Comes to the Northwest

2 Feb

A gay pride flag flies atop the space needle back in 2010, but it would seem more appropriate soon, as the state legislature is poised to approve gay marriage.

While police are out and about in southeast Idaho, cracking down on drugs, bomb threats and, of course, crosswalks, police in Washington are looking to worry about one fewer crime as the state looks poised to legalize gay marriage. Meanwhile, Idaho police are donning false mustaches and catching drivers who don’t stop at crosswalks. How much difference a few miles make.

  • Washington state is on the brink of becoming the seventh state to legalize gay marriage. The state senate voted late Wednesday to pass the legalization measure by a vote of 28 to 21, and now moves to the House, where its support is considered widespread, and to Gov. Christine Gregoire’s desk, who has urged the bill’s approval. The Democrat-controlled legislature’s approval of the measure is the first of its kind in the Pacific Northwest (unless you’re counting California’s contentious law). If passed (although it seems more like it will be “when passed”) same-sex couples could be able to marry as soon as this summer. [NYT]
  • Pocatello Police are enforcing crosswalk laws around the city, in an attempt to crack down on drivers who don’t yield to pedestrians. The undercover operation focused on crosswalks at Idaho State University and by the Convergys building on Main Street. Operations like this aren’t anything new, said officers, but they’re done in hopes of raising awareness of crosswalk accidents that can put people in real danger. [KPVI]
  • A Bingham County traffic stop led to another drug bust, but this time officers found six grams of heroin, 10 LSD hits, meth, and weed. The arrested trio, Liisa Kaye Mills, Duane Gene Harpe and Timothy Sean Daugherty were initially pulled over for displaying fictitious license plates. A search of the car led to the discovery of the drugs, and hit the three with a count of trafficking heroin each. Harpe was also charged with possession of a controlled substance and possession of meth, while Mills was also arrested on a Bonneville County warrant. Possession of more than two grams of heroin carries a mandatory prison sentence of three years. [LN8]
  • A Highland High School student was arrested Wednesday, on accusations of making a bomb threat that caused the school to go on lockdown yesterday morning. The Highland arrest comes on the heels of a student arrest at Century High School last week for the same crime. Pocatello Police are taking the situation very seriously, as any threat like this requires at least seven officers on the scene, minimizing their ability to be readily available for other people. This student, and the one from Century, could face serious time in the juvenile detention center or could pay big fines. [LN8]

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