[Morning Briefs] Volunteer Parents Bravely Boarding Buses

10 Feb

In this stock photo, they might as well put "bullying" under that "stop," because that's the new aim of Bonneville County Joint School District 93's buses.

Everybody is looking to the future this morning, and it looks a little shaky, to be honest! One school district wants to put parent volunteers on buses to help curb bullying, but will that really change the wild-west mentality of the bus? In Pocatello, the airport wants to make things a little less sad and a little more hopeful! Will solar panels and a business park help? Maybe! Meanwhile Obama is trying to do some damage control with his whole Catholic contraceptive thing. Yikes, Obama.

  • Bonneville County Joint School District 93 is looking for volunteers to ride school buses to help supervise kids and try to curb bullying. Surveillance cameras have already been on the buses for about three years, but drivers are saying an extra set of adult eyes wouldn’t hurt. The parent volunteers would work as both enforcers and psychological deterrents to bullying, ideally. Along with the parents is a new system of “bus bucks” which would be given out to kids who behave properly. The bucks could be redeemed for prizes. Of course, all parent volunteers will be screened before being put in charge of your kids. [LN8]
  • The Pocatello Airport unveiled its 20-year master plan to the public Thursday, showing off plans to increase flights, jets and business. Airport officials are hoping the changes will help make the airport more “vibrant.” Although these are, for now, mostly pie-in-the-sky ideas, they’re nonetheless very ambitious and seem to have the potential to bring the airport back up. An array of solar panels could fill the space between the runways, helping bring costs down, and businesses could begin to fill a new industrial park, bringing revenue up and create new jobs for the region. Who knows? Pocatello could be the next O’Hare! (I mean, probably not). [LN8]
  • A Meridian man will spend at least four years in prison for his part of a failed Canyon County murder-for-hire plot. Jose de Jesus Rodriguez, 26, was sentenced Thursday to a 15-year prison sentence, after accepting a murder-for-hire deal from Lorenzo A. Corral, 45, of Nampa. Corral offered Rodriguez $5,000 to shoot a man dating Corral’s ex-girlfriend. Corrall bought a shotgun and test-fired it, and planned to have Rodriguez shoot the man after his ex-girlfriend lured him out of his residence with a vehicle repair ruse. Rodriguez reached a plea deal to help prosecute Corrall, whose trial is scheduled for April. [IDS]
  • President Obama is adjusting his plan to require religious employers to provide women access to contraception, after a major backlash from Catholic leaders and religious conservatives. Obama is scheduled to release details of the change at 12:15 today, but it might be too little too late for some voters, who viewed the decision as an attack on religious morals. The measure initially required employers to provide female employees with a full-range of contraceptive coverage. While it exempted churches, it covered religiously-affiliated schools, charities, colleges and hospitals, meaning many Catholic organizations would have to offer insurance plans that violate church beliefs. [WP]

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