[Morning Briefs] Three Bad Accidents and a Wolf-Hunting Bill

13 Feb

This wasn't really what happened in any of the accidents over the weekend, but the accidents were a dangerous reminder of what can happen on the roads!

The region saw a lot of bad car accidents over the weekend. Three accidents sent three to the hospital and killed one. While one was the result of an inattentive semi truck, the other two seem to be caused by the drivers themselves. One man was ejected after his car rolled while a woman was killed after speeding and crashing into a concrete box. All in all not a great weekend for roadways. In non-crash news, a new wolf-hunting bill has everybody up in arms. Of course it does.

  • One woman is dead after a Bonneville County car crash just east of Ucon on 55th East. According to the Bonneville County Sheriff’s Office, the car, driven by 20-year-old Alexandra Kidd, veered off the the left-hand side of the road and crashed into a heavy concrete box. Kidd was pronounced dead on the scene. [LN8]
  • On Saturday, a crash in Twin Falls County sent two people to the hospital with serious injuries. James D. Brawley, 73, and Margaret J. Brawley, 74, were driving a 2002 GMC pickup down U.S. 93 when a semi, for unknown reasons, crossed into their lane and sideswiped their truck, which then went off the road and rolled. Both were transported to St. Luke’s Magic Valley Regional Medical Center with serious injuries. Both were wearing their seatbelts.
  • Saturday night, another crash sent another person to the hospital. This time, Jose Cuellar-Rios, 22, was driving north on I-15 in a 2000 Pontiac Grand Am when he swerved into the right lane, over-corrected and drove into the median, rolling the car several times. Cuellar-Rios was ejected from the car (he was not wearing a seatbelt) and was transported by air to the Portneuf Medical Center.
  • A new bill in the state legislature has been raising eyebrows and pitting environmentalists against hunters (once again). This time, it’s a bill that would legalize hunting wolves using live bait and ultra-light aircraft. Sen. Jeff Siddoway, a Republican from Terreton, proposed the bill last week in an effort to make catching wolves easier. Ralph Maughan, president of the Wolf Recovery Foundation, said the bill is simply an archaic way to lure wolves to their deaths, all to save the few livestock that are actually at danger. Siddoway, however, said he’s seen his own livestock fall victim to wolves and is hoping his bill will pass. But really, what’s new here? [LN8]

2 Responses to “[Morning Briefs] Three Bad Accidents and a Wolf-Hunting Bill”

  1. Karl Schueman 12/04/2012 at 4:32 am #

    I recoil at any product with the name Idaho on it now . My family no longer eats beef because of the sick wolf killers. To think I felt the opposite about your trash state just over a year ago. Beautiful wolves trapped among some sick barbaric thugs,


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