[Morning Briefs] Wolf Tracks and Robberies in Idaho Falls

14 Feb

A wolf like this could be on the loose in Idaho Falls. Hide your small animals, people.

Sorry, people of Idaho Falls, today’s not a great day for you. For one, there looks to be a wolf loose near your country club. It’s probably not dangerous to people, but hide your pets! There is also a string of car and home burglaries on the west side of town. It’s probably not the sleep watcher, but man, you guys are really getting hit hard over there! In Pocatello, meanwhile, there are a bunch of new businesses opening up! Cool!

  • Some Idaho Falls residents might be praying for that wolf hunting bill to pass the state legislature sooner rather than later. The Idaho Department of Fish and Game has confirmed wolf tracks have been discovered near the Idaho Falls Country Club. Department officials would like to remind everyone that the wolves don’t really pose much of a danger to people, but pets, on the other hand, should watch their backs. However, if you are approached by a wolf, you are allowed to defend yourself, as long as you can demonstrate that you were actually in immediate danger. [LN8]
  • Wolves aside, Idaho Falls has also been experiencing a rash of vehicle and home burglaries lately. An Idaho Falls Police Department press release said the burglaries have been primarily on the west side of town, on Blue Canyon, Blue Ridge, Rendevous, Enell and Darah Streets. The burglaries happened around midnight, police said. Although this is the same area hit by the infamous sleep watcher, police don’t believe there is any connection.
  • Forget the economy, Pocatello’s business community is actually looking up! Asian restaurant Sumisu recently expanded to take up half a block, giving them much more space for tables. In Old Town, two new shops are opening up. Castalia Chocolate Imports, an organic and natural chocolate shop, opened its doors Monday, while Mendel’s Pizzaria is looking to open by Feb. 16. The new businesses will also mean new jobs. Sumisu is looking to double its staff, Castalia wants to hire about five people and Mendel’s is looking for 15 employees. [LN8]
  • Front runner no more! Mitt Romney, long thought to be a shoe-in for the Republican Presidential nomination, is now in a virtual tie with Rick Santorum. Santorum has been riding the momentum of his three primary wins in Colorado, Missouri and Minnesota, and that momentum seems to be pretty hot, as new polls show him surging a few points ahead of Romney. Meanwhile Ron Paul and Newt Gingrich are far behind the pack, but staying resilient. [NYT]

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