Domestic beating suspect found in Portneuf River

16 Feb

Domestic violence cases are fairly common in southeast Idaho (unfortunately) but bizarre cases like this are pretty rare. This is a two-parter that started when the Pocatello Police found a man in the Portneuf River on Wednesday afternoon. The man was found alive and taken to the Portneuf Medical Center before being sedated and transferred to Safe Haven, an assisted living facility.

Later that night, at about 11 p.m., police received a call at the 600 block of West Lander Street on a report of battery. There they talked to a woman who said she had been severely beaten at about 4 p.m., a beating that broke the orbital bone in her face and knocked her unconscious for about seven hours, she said. So who was this attacker? Why, the man in the river, of course.

Police haven’t been able to talk to the man, who has been heavily sedated. They also haven’t been able to interview the victim more intensely, as she has been undergoing treatment for her injuries. Until we have more information, one could make all kinds of assumptions here. I’ll refrain myself; I’m sure you already have some ideas. We’ll get you more information as it comes out.


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