[Morning Briefs] Terrifying to Awwwww in Four Stories

17 Feb

This isn't the Pocatello Zoo's mountain lion cub, but I'm sure it looks something like this stupid cute one.

Today’s news goes from terrifying to awwww in just four stories. And yes, Ron Paul does make an appearance. Some days the headlines just can’t decide how upbeat to be ya know?

  • A confrontation between two federal agents in Long Beach, Calif. yesterday ended in a gunfight that left one dead and another seriously injured. The dispute was between Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) agents at the Glenn M. Anderson Federal Building. The dispute led to an agent opening fire on his supervisor shortly before 6 p.m. last night. With the supervisor wounded, a third agent jumped in and opened fire on the first agent, killing him. [LAT]
  • The Idaho State Board of Education approved a small concession in a rule that requires two online classes be taken by all graduating high school students, starting with the class of 2016. While the rule still applies as is for the class of 2017 and on, the board approved a change that does not force class of 2016 students to take at least one class without a teacher present. The present rule mandates at least one asynchronous class (without a teacher), but incoming freshmen can now take both credits through either a synchronous class (with a teacher) or a blended class (some teacher guidance).
  • More than 1,200 people attended an hour-long rally for Republican Presidential candidate Ron Paul in Twin Falls yesterday, some there as spectators, but others as die-hard Paul supporters. Speaking at Twin Falls High School’s Roper Auditorium, Paul rallied hopeful March 6 caucus voters with his libertarian message of limited government and personal liberties—a message that resonates with many Idahoans. While both Rick Santorum and Mitt Romney planned stops in western Idaho this week, Paul, who won Idaho’s January straw poll with nearly 75 percent of the vote, might have more of an audience in the state. [TN]
  • The Pocatello Zoo just got a lot more adorable. The small zoo added a few new animals, and yes, they’re all probably very cute. Two new red foxes, a male and a female, are now at the zoo, which leads me to believe there could be a lot of adorable red fox babies in the future. The zoo also added a new mountain lion cub. The cub, Stripe, was brought in from Montana as an orphan. With Stripe came a tundra swan, an all-white bird known to frequent colder climates, as its name suggests. Don’t even try to act like you don’t want to go see these little guys. [KPVI]

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