[Morning Briefs] Apparently Only One President Matters Today

20 Feb

While everybody might be holding Presidents' Day sales, the official day is actually Washington's Birthday. Ok, ok, but do we really care?

It’s Presidents’ Day! Or IS it? Technically, no, but that doesn’t matter. Over the weekend there was some tragic news. Mystery surrounds a shooting death in which a 12-year-old is suspected and mystery surrounds a snowmobile accident that left another man dead. Meanwhile, some Idahoans are driving to Oregon to get medicinal marijuana cards, but it really isn’t much of a trend, so let’s not get freaked out about it, ok?

  • A shooting near Swan Lake left one man dead and lead to the arrest of his 12-year-old son. Paul Danielson, 46, was shot and killed at 11 p.m. Friday night, but contrary to rumors of a killer on the loose, police arrested his son during an interview. Other details, ones that might help clear this whole mess up, are still under wraps as police figure this thing out. Meanwhile, the Swan Lake community is naturally getting pretty worked up over this. [LN8]
  • A Soda Springs man is dead after snowmobiling in Caribou county on Saturday. The Cairbou County Sheriff’s Office isn’t releasing any details yet, but said it was an accident that happened sometime on Saturday afternoon. Caribou County and Bear Lake Sheriff’s deputies and rescue crews were dispatched from the Trail Canyon warming hut near the Targhee National Forest, and found the man in the Big Basin area. Deputies went back to the area Sunday to investigate the death, but said they still don’t know what exactly happened. [LN8]
  • Some Idahoans are obtaining Oregon medical marijuana cards in what isn’t anything close to an epidemic and not even quite a trend. But still! People are kind of concerned about this! According to the Oregonian, 138 Idahoans applied for Oregon licenses, ranking our state second just behind Washington. People can’t legally carry marijuana in Idaho with the card (as we learned last week), but the holders can still legally smoke weed in Oregon. So to actually take advantage of the card, Idahoans have to travel to Oregon annually, buy marijuana there, and smoke it all before they come home. [TN]
  • Today is Presidents’ Day? Right? Not according to actual U.S. law. Officially today is Washington’s Birthday, Presidents’ Day is just a holiday used by stores to sell things. While George Washington’s actual birthday is Feb. 22, the holiday was moved in the late ’60s in the Uniform Monday Holiday Act. While early drafts proposed calling the day Presidents’ Day, to honor all presidents, it was eventually dropped so as not to dishonor Washington. Regardless, some localities still hold Presidents’ Day festivities and stores all hold their Presidents’ Day sales. But in the end, most people are just happy with a day off. [CSM]

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