[Morning Briefs] Tanning Ban Bill a Yes! Contraceptive Ban Bill a Maybe!

21 Feb

If this person is under 18, they might not be able to get that sweet, crispy tan in Idaho soon. Oil up while you can, kids!

While a lot of you spent Presidents’ Day Washington’s Birthday enjoying a day off, many in the state were hard at work! The Bannock County coroner has released the autopsy results of shooting victim Paul Danielson, the state House Health and Welfare Committee voted on two bills, and Idaho Falls police were involved in a standoff. Oh and also somebody burglarized the Blue Heeler! Come on, burglar(s), is that really what Washington would have wanted?

  • The Bannock County coroner released the autopsy results of Paul Danielson, the Swan Lake man who as allegedly shot by his 12-year-old son Friday night. The results simply show that Danielson was killed by a small caliber gunshot wound to the head. That doesn’t tell us much about what might have happened, or whether or not the 12-year-old boy could have been involved, but more details should hopefully shed some light on the crime.
  • An Idaho Falls man was arrested following a three-hour armed standoff at an apartment building last night. According to police, officers initially went to the building to serve Timothy Murphy an unspecified Idaho Department of Correction warrant at about 9 p.m. Murphy then allegedly holed up in his apartment with his wife, child and a shotgun. Police evacuated the 8-apartment building and negotiated with Murphy over the phone. At about 12:26 a.m. Murphy surrendered and was taken to Bonneville County Jail, where he probably would have gone with fewer charges three hours earlier. [LN8]
  • The Idaho House Health and Welfare Comittee passed the controversial bill that would ban minors from using tanning beds in the state. Proponents of the bill argue that tanning booths lead to skin cancer, and should be kept out of the hands of kids under 18. Opponents argue that the issue should be the decision of parents, not the state. Regardless, the bill will now go to the state House and Senate, where everybody will undoubtedly make the same points and argue this to the end of the earth. [TN]
  • Hard at work on a holiday, the Idaho Health and Welfare Committee also voted 7-3 to hold another controversial bill, this one mimicking the national birth control debate. HB 530 would allow Idaho insurance carriers and employers to restrict coverage for contraception, sterilization or abortion-inducing drugs. The emotional hearing yesterday was standing room only, as people flooded in with stories about the medical use of birth control drugs for things like acne and painful periods. The committee will hold the bill to specify language about what kinds of drugs would be able to be banned. [BW]
  • The Blue Heeler bar in Pocatello was burglarized last night, with thieves forcing open and damaging several coin operated machines. Those bastards.

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