[Morning Briefs] Guns, Scams and Graduation

22 Feb

Pocatello High School is one of District 25's high schools that has helped the district see a 10 percent increase in graduation rate over the last five years. (Jamie Hale/The Bannock Alternative)

If you like openly carrying weapons in Utah, but are constantly concerned about being cited with disorderly conduct for doing so, worry no more! The Utah House has your back, don’t worry. What you SHOULD be worrying about is the newest phone scam to hit Idaho, these scammers have some new tricks up their sleeves. Meanwhile, District 25 has learned some new tricks, and they appear to be doing some good in high schools! Doesn’t that just make you feel good?

  • The graduation rate in the Pocatello-Chubbuck School District has seen a decent rise in the last five years, from 86 percent to 96 percent. That’s not too shabby. District 25 officials are attributing the jump to several initiatives, like Plato, their ISAT graduation alternative. Plato gives a second chance to kids who don’t pass the ISAT, which is required to graduate. If they can’t pass the test a second time, even after taking a remedial course in their trouble subjects, they can go into Plato, where they take a series of online classes in math, reading or language. Once they get to a level of mastery comparable with the ISAT, they can graduate. About 50 to 60 students go through Plato each year. Now they’re looking to get that final four percent to round out the graduation rate to a cool 100. [LN8]
  • The Idaho attorney general is warning of another new scam, this one related to the multi-state mortgage service settlement. Scam callers are pretending to have lists of people eligible for Idaho’s $114 million from the settlement, and ask victims for bank account information and credit card numbers. However, that’s just not how that settlement works. According to Attorney General Lawrence Wasden, the money goes to the state legislature where it will be spent at their discretion. The rest, about $100 million, he said, will be used to assist people who have been improperly foreclosed upon, or who are trying to refinance. [LN8]
  • The Utah House passed a bill yesterday that would strip local municipalities of the ability to cite people with disorderly conduct for carrying a weapon in the open in public. Passed 50-21, the measure is meant to stop local laws from trumping state laws on the issue. In April, a man arrested at the University Mall in Orem was found guilty of disorderly conduct for carrying a semi-automatic weapon on him, along with a visible, holstered pistol. [SLT]

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