Locals competing in skateboarding benefit competition

23 Feb

Catch action like this, from a 628 Skateboarding video, at the group's Shred for Brock Cherry competition tomorrow night.

by Jamie Hale

Local skateboarders generally skate for fun or for competition, but tomorrow they’re skating for a very different reason: Brock Cherry.

Local skaters are gearing up for Friday’s Shred For Brock Cherry skateboarding competition, dedicated to the memory of Brock Cherry, a 17-year-old Shelley boy who died in a Christmas Eve car accident.

“Brock was an amazing skater and artist and I just really kind of enjoyed his skating,” said Brad Beech, organizer of the event. Beech, 27, said he forged a friendship with Cherry through the local skating community. The teenager had a lot of potential, he said, and that loss was a tragedy.

Cherry was an avid skateboarder and snowboarder, as well as a graffiti artist, according to an obituary. He was striving to become a professional skateboarder, always a regular at skating competitions. So what better way to remember Cherry than through a skating competition?

That’s the idea behind the Pocatello event, but the other goal is to bring the often-splintered skateboarding community together for one cause. “I think it will just kind of bring everybody together under the same roof, kind of let us express our love for Brock Cherry all together,” said Beech.

And so far the competition, put on by 628 Skateboarding and MTTHEORY Clothing, has attracted an impressive roster of sponsors. They have support from local bars and businesses, as well as skate shops and businesses in Boise. Proceeds from the competition will go to building a new “C” ledge at the Pocatello Skate Park with a memorial plaque dedicated to Cherry.

If it all goes well, the event could become an annual thing, said Beech, but for now it’s too early to tell. Regardless, the love he and the skateboarding community feel for their former friend clearly shines through into the event.

But really, the competition is just about having a good time, said Beech. “The event is not about our beefs, it’s for Brock Cherry, so all that stuff set aside, the only thing we’re worried about is skating and having fun.”

The competition will run from 7 to 10 p.m. at H&R Hockey on Pole Line Road in Pocatello. There will also be an after-party at Hooligans. All proceeds from both events will go to the ledge and memorial plaque.

Contact Jamie at JHaleTBA@gmail.com.


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