Pocatello Police unveil adorable parking enforcement car

23 Feb

You might get a ticket, but look at that paint job! Lookin' sharp, Pocatello Police parking enforcement vehicle!

The Pocatello Police Department looks to be ready to retire that weird three-wheeled golf cart they call a “parking enforcement vehicle” for a fancy, futuristic smart car! Awwww look how cute the thing is! And with such a nice paint job too!

The new parking enforcement vehicle is a brand new 2012 Smart Car. It gets 40 miles per gallon and was purchased at $4,000 under budget, the PPD said on their Facebook page. They even threw in a pun! “It was a ‘smart’ decision,” they said. Keep your day jobs, fellas.

The tiny car will probably be the source of hatred for many Pocatellans, however, as it’s adorable exterior will soon give way to parking tickets and wheel-boots. Come on Smart Car, don’t be like that!


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