Mitt Romney coming to Idaho Falls this week

28 Feb

Look at this guy, all cool as a cucumber up there. We'll see if he can bring his cool to a rally Thursday afternoon in Idaho Falls. (Photo via Romney's Flickr)

UPDATE: The rally will in fact be public. It will happen this Thursday at 12:45 p.m. at Skyline High School in Idaho Falls.

Republican Presidential candidates have been touring Idaho pretty regularly before the upcoming Super Tuesday primary, but so far all southeast Idaho got was lousy Mitt Romney’s son (Twin Falls, it should be noted, saw a visit from Ron Paul).

Well no more! This Thursday former/kind of present frontrunner Mitt Romney will visit Idaho Falls! Get your elephant shirts, red ties and American flag lapel pins ready, because this is going to be big. Maybe. Actually, we don’t really know what the event is going to be like yet.

All we know is that Romney will be in town at a rally at 12:45 p.m. Don Schanz, chairman of the Bonneville County Republicans has not yet confirmed whether or not this will be a public event, so for all we know, Romney could be for very rich eyes only. Regardless, southeast Idaho is finally getting some recognition. It’s about time!


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