[Morning Briefs] A Shooting, A Fire and Another Areva Suspension

28 Feb

This incredibly boring picture is a mock-up of the Eagle Rock Enrichment Plant, which Areva has suspended indefinitely in Idaho Falls.

Areva has further suspended their enrichment plant in Idaho Falls! That’s some bad news, but let’s get to the REAL bad news. Pocatello Police were busy this morning, responding to a shooting in Old Town and a house fire. A victim from each incident is now at PMC, suffering from a gunshot wound to the chest and smoke inhalation, respectively. Meanwhile, Wyoming has some political drama on its hands as lawmakers look to approve a bill that mandates drug testing for people looking to get on welfare. Sorry, folks, t’s crazy out there!

  • Pocatello police are interviewing a suspect in an early morning shooting in Old Town that landed a man in the intensive care unit. At about 3:30 a.m., officers responded to 1010 North Arthur Ave after a man had been shot in the chest. He said a suspect, who he identified, shot him from a car near the 400 block of West Custer Street. Police found the suspect’s car on City Creek Road, then took the suspect into custody. The investigation is still ongoing, and more details will be released later this afternoon.
  • Earlier in the morning, Pocatello police and firefighters rushed to the 300 block of Warren Avenue for a house fire that sent one woman to the hospital. The 68-year-old woman had been smoking while on oxygen when the oxygen machine caught fire. Her son found her in the house and moved her outside to safety. The woman was transported to the Portneuf Medical Center for smoke inhalation.
  • Areva, the French energy corporation, has “indefinitely” suspended the construction on their Idaho Falls enrichment plant, throwing their future in the region into even further doubt. Back in December, the company suspended work on the Eagle Rock Enrichment Facility, but now that suspension has been pegged with the word “indefinite,” meaning there’s no sign when the $3 billion plant might get off the ground. The suspension is part of a company-wide refinancing effort after Areva lost about $2.65 billion in the Fukushima nuclear disaster in Japan last year. [LN8]
  • Wyoming is one step closer to passing a bill that would make some welfare recipients undergo drug testing. The measure would target individuals to pay for and take a drug test when they apply for the state’s “POWER” program. According to the Department of Family Services, the program distributes an average of $500 per month to 338 people. Some, however, take issue with the proposed bill, arguing that it amounts to unreasonable search and seizure—which goes against peoples’ Fourth Amendment right. The bill passed the Wyoming House 37-23 Monday, so it now goes to the Senate. [LN8]

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