[Morning Briefs] Disappointment All Around

29 Feb

Sen. Jeff Siddoway (left) had to give up his wolf bill. Jaquan Ramsey (right) had to put down a knife and go to jail.

A lot of people are disappointed today, for so many reasons! In Pocatello, some citizens aren’t happy about the South Valley Connector, which is moving forward with or without their approval. Across town, Jaquan Ramsey isn’t too happy about going to jail for domestic battery. Disappointment stretches over to Boise, where Sen. Jeff Siddoway had to give up his precious wolf hunting bill. And nationally, Romney-haters aren’t really pleased with his big wins last night. So sad, everybody.

  • People packed the Pocatello City Hall last night to look at the final design for the South Valley Connector. The connector will run from Bannock Highway to South Fifth Avenue, and will include two driving lanes, a 10-foot bike and walk lane, and a two-lane train bridge. While people came out to speak about the project’s environmental impact, overall cost and placement, officials said after 16 years of working on the connector, there’s no looking back now. [LN8]
  • Idaho Sen. Jeff Siddoway made waves this year by proposing a state bill that would allow hunting wolves from ultralight aircraft and the use of live bait. Now, he has announced he is giving the bill up, admitting that it would threaten to return wolves to the Endangered Species Act. Siddoway fought back tears as he asked the Senate to send the bill back to the Natural Resources and Evironment Committee, where it will stay. Siddoway is a fourth-generation sheep rancher, and has lost a lot of sheep since the reintroduction of wolves in the 1990s. He did not say whether or not he will introduce a different bill. [IDS]
  • A Pocatello man was arrested for domestic battery and cited for false imprisonment Tuesday morning. Police came to a home on South Johnson Avenue for a report of a domestic disturbance, where the male supposedly had a knife. When they showed up, that man, Jaquan Ramsey, threatened himself with the knife. Police charged Ramsey after an investigation of the incident.
  • Mitt Romney leaped back into frontrunner status last night after winning the Michigan and Arizona Republican primaries. Romney earned 47.3 percent of the vote in Arizona, with Santorum coming in second with 26.6 percent. In Michigan, Romney’s win was tighter, defeating Santorum with 41.1 percent to 37.9 percent. Newt Gingrich came in third in Arizona, while the honor went to Ron Paul in Michigan.

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