[Morning Briefs] ‘I Lost My Marital Duties in a Skiing Accident’

2 Mar

Does this look like a place where you could lose your "marital duties" in a skiing accident?? Apparently it happens.

After yesterday’s horrible set of briefs, the world decided to calm down a little. While today covers some serious issues, it looks like mostly everybody is going to be OK. Sure, four people went to the hospital after a car ran full-speed into a snow plow, but they were released from the hospital! Sure, Idaho doesn’t have a suicide prevention hot line, but that could change! And sure, a New York couple is filing a weird suit against a Jackson resort, but what are the odds they’ll win? It’s all about the silver lining, people.

  • Four people wound up in the hospital after a car ran into a snowplow west of Rexburg on Thursday morning. Maria A. Rodriguez was driving her car north on SH33 just after 10 a.m., while a snowplow, driven by Clark Moon, was also driving north, plowing snow out of the right lane at about 35 mph. Rodriguez was driving too fast for the conditions, said Idaho State Police, and said she couldn’t see the plow through the snow. She didn’t brake at all before hitting the snowplow. Rodriguez and her two passengers, ages 14 and 2, were taken to Madison Memorial Hospital where they were treated and released. Moon was also taken to the hospital where he too was treated and released.
  • Idaho is the only state in the U.S. without a suicide hot line, but that could soon change. On Thursday, the state Legislature’s Joint Finance-Appropriations Committee approved $110,000 in spending for a suicide prevention line, as part of the state’s $39.2 million appropriation to the Division of Veterans Services for the coming year. The money would be coupled with private donations and grants, but would initially help set up the 24-hour service. The service is much-needed, as Idaho ended up with the fourth-highest suicide rate in 2009. [TN]
  • A New York couple is suing Jackson’s Four Seasons Resort for¬†negligence, after a ski fall and failed rental binding allegedly left the woman unable to perform “marital duties.” Oh boy. The couple, Lawrence and Ann Cohn, filed the suit in 9th District Court on Monday, saying the ski binding didn’t release when the woman fell, leading to a dislocated knee and two broken bones in her leg. But what about those “marital duties?” According to the suit, Lawrence “has been deprived of the services, society, consortium and companionship of his wife.” They are asking the judge for financial damages to be decided at the trial. [JHN]

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