[Morning Briefs] The $8,100 George Washington McNugget

6 Mar

This McNugget, which sort of resembles George Washington sol on eBay for $8,100. Aren't you mad you ate yours? (photo by Nate Robson/Sioux City Journal)

OK, I know you want to hear about the $8,100 George Washington McNugget, but let’s not get ahead of ourselves. There is also some very serious news in the region today! Yesterday, another person died in a car accident, this time in Blackfoot. Some in the region have been getting scam texts that you should obviously not respond to. And today, Idaho Republicans will get a chance to choose their presidential nominee. But, of course, some woman sold a McNugget that resembles George Washington for $8,100. What has the world come to?

  • On the heels of all the wrecks this weekend came another fatal crash in Blackfoot. At about 8:35 Monday morning, Greg Steely, a 57-year-old Blackfoot man, drove north on US 93 near milepost 113. According to police, Steely didn’t take a turn correctly, driving off the road and crashing into the bank of a dry creek bed. He was pronounced dead at the scene of the crash. Steely was not wearing a seat belt.
  • Idahoans will get a chance to have a say in the upcoming election today, in Idaho’s first ever Republican caucus. The caucus isn’t a quite like a typical primary, as voters slowly weed out weaker candidates until one person has at least 50 percent of the vote, or they simply reach a final vote between two candidates. Ron Paul overwhelmingly won Idaho’s unofficial January straw poll, but Mitt Romney is believed to be a front-runner nationally. The Gem State has 32 delegates to give, and could actually be somewhat influential in the race. [TN]
  • Some people in southeast Idaho have been getting late-night text messages that look like they’re probably definitely scams. The texts offer free Walmart gift cards if you only click on a link. That link leads you to a site that asks for personal information, which is in turn used to steal all your money. Walmart said the texts areĀ fraudulent, as did the Better Business Bureau. Walmart, or most companies for that matter, would never ask for sensitive personal data through a text message, so just ignore them and go back to sleep, everybody. [LN8]
  • A Nebraska woman sold a McNugget for a whopping $8,100 on ebay, all because it kiiiinda looks like George Washington. Rebekah Speight of Dakota City sold the three-year-old nugget to raise money for a drive to send 50 children to summer camp in Sioux City. The $8K from the nugget sale puts her at more than halfway to the $15,000 price tag for the camp. eBay had initially taken the auction down because it violated rules barring the sale of expired food, but Speight later got an email from the company saying they were “willing to to make exceptions to help your cause.” [WP]

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