Pocatello Zoo sets up auction to name cougar cub

8 Mar

This adorable cougar cub at the Pocatello Zoo doesn't have a name yet, but YOU can name it–for a price. (Photo via eBay)

You might be sitting there, thinking “Pssh, I bet only the elite 1% get to name cougar cubs.” Well, you’re kind of right. While the richest person interested ultimately gets to name this cub, even YOU can give it a try!

The Pocatello Zoo has set up an auction on eBay, where the top bidder gets naming rights for their adorable orphaned male mountain lion cub. The bidding will end on March 15, and all the proceeds will go toward enlarging the cougar exhibit and completing the grizzly bear exhibit.

It seems like the bidding is pretty popular. It already has 13 bids between four bidders and the price is up to $520. If you win, you also get a color photo of the cub, a Pocatello Zoo Society family membership for a year and two guest passes to the zoo.

But most importantly, you get to NAME A LION. How cool is that? I’ll answer that for you, it’s very cool.


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