[Morning Briefs] Man Crashes Car Into Pond, America Hums Along

14 Mar

Officials pull Tyrone Dee Brown's car from a pond in Jefferson County after he drove into the water Tuesday morning.

You might be thinking that the crashed car up there is some sort of metaphor, say, for the American political system or something. But it’s not! If today’s briefs prove anything it’s that the system is very much alive and kicking! Voters turned out around southeast Idaho to vote on school bonds and levies and the like, agreeing on most everything public officials suggested. A controversial bill is appearing a an Idaho Senate committee today, and people who don’t like it will protest. In the south, voters came to support their favorite Republican presidential candidates, but mostly Rick Santorum. Democracy in action!

  • A Madison County man is in jail after driving his car into a pond in Jefferson County. The county sheriff’s office said Tyron Dee Brown, 28, ran from his car after driving it into a settling pond early Tuesday morning. He allegedly was driving north on 3900 East when he ran a stop sign on Yellowstone Highway, hit the railroad tracks and landed midway in the pond. Police found the totaled car on the bottom of the pond. The railroad track was knocked off center with the spikes completely out. The wire fencing around the pond was also damaged, the sheriff’s office said. Police are holding Brown on charges of driving under the influence, obstructing or resisting an officer, leaving the scene of an accident and disturbing the peace. [LN8]
  • Voters overwhelmingly agreed on pretty much everything in Tuesday night’s school bond and levy votes. Idaho Falls voters approved a $53 million bond. Bonneville County passed its $14 million bond. Soda Springs and Aberdeen voters passed their own $600,000 supplemental levies. Mackay voters renewed a five-year plant facilities reserve fund. There was only one “no” vote of the night, as Salmon voters rejected a $13.5 million bond to build a new school for the sixth straight year. [LN8]
  • An Idaho Senate committee will look at a controversial abortion ultrasound bill Wednesday that is sure to draw heaps of protest and support. The bill, drafted by Boise Sen. Chuck Winder, would require women to get an ultrasound screening before terminating a pregnancy. The idea is nothing new, states across the country have been proposing, and even passing, similar legislation. The idea is that some women could change their mind about going through with abortions after seeing ultrasound images of their fetuses. Last week 250 people protested the bill on the steps of the Capitol, accusing it of being an assault on women’s rights. Don’t expect them to go anywhere if this bill progresses. [TN]
  • It was a big night for Republican presidential candidate Rick Santorum, as Mississippi, Alabama and Hawaii all held their primaries Tuesday night. Santorum beat out Newt Gingrich and Mitt Romney in both Alabama and Mississippi, proving his popularity in the deep south. The former Pennsylvania senator won 34.5 percent of the vote in Alabama, nearly five percent more than Newt Gingrich, who has been banking on that region, and Mitt Romney. In Mississippi, the race was much tighter. Santorum won by nearly two percent over Gingrich and three percent over Romney. Hawaii was a much different story, as Romney won easily with 45 percent of the vote. In all, Santorum won the most delegates with 36 to Romney’s 34, Gingrich’s 24 and Ron Paul’s 1. [NYT]

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