[Morning Briefs] This Truck on a Wire is a Metaphor For Us All

15 Mar

A man managed to accidentally drive his truck onto this guy wire. His story is a metaphor for us all. (photo via NPG of Idaho)

Sometimes you’re just a truck stuck on a guy wire, you know? You’re helpless to do anything but sit there and wait for a scissorlift to come and help you down. I think that’s the lesson all the people in our morning briefs today learned, especially that guy who actually was in a truck stuck on a guy wire.

  • A three-vehicle crash near Eden sent one person to the hospital Wednesday afternoon. According to Idaho State Police, Becki Carlson, 42, was driving west on I-84 near milepost 187 when she rear-ended another car. Both pulled over to the side of the road to the report the crash, but before an ISP trooper got to the scene, Carlson left, driving the wrong way down the highway, where she then crashed into a semi, before hitting the median. Carlson was taken to St. Luke’s Magic Valley hospital for minor injuries. Charges are pending.
  • A pickup truck wound up teetering on a power pole’s guy wire Wednesday afternoon, in an unlikely accident that you have to see to believe. According to Jefferson County deputies, a man was driving his pickup truck east on 4200 East near Rigby when he took a corner too fast. Instead of crashing into the pole or running off the road, the truck ended up stuck on the guy wire. There was little damage to the truck and the pole, but the driver had to be rescued with a scissorlift because of the danger of the truck falling. He was not injured, said deputies, but he was a little embarrassed. [LN8]
  • Fremont County Commission Chairman Skip Hurt issued a disaster declaration for the county Wednesday night after heavy flooding devastated the area. Flood waters overtook County Roads 3200 East, 1000 North and 3000 East, prompting their closure. Hog Hollow Road has also been flooded, as has at least one home and a private road. The flooding is expected to continue through the weekend, as residents and officials started sandbag operations to prevent damage. [LN8]
  • A magistrate judge dismissed two misdemeanor charges filed against an Occupy Boise protester Wednesday, who was charged for putting up a tent in Capitol Park in Boise and refusing to leave. The city prosecutor decided not to pursue the case and filed a motion to dismiss it. The protester, 63-year-old retiree George Burns, said he was staging a personal political protest as the Occupy movement’s Global Day of Action on October 15. Although he’s glad he’s not going to jail, he said he was looking forward to his day in court. [IDS]

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