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TBA Has Moved!

19 Mar

Go check out the new website, which is much better than this old thing.

If you’re at this blog, what are you doing here? We moved! TBA can now be conveniently found at Isn’t that nice? We merged our blog with our main website into a new great place where you’ll find the blog you love with the content from our print publication. What could be greater? Don’t worry, nothing has changed content-wise. You can still find the same great TBA blog stories on the new site, just scroll down past the featured posts to find it. So get out of this ghost town, already!


TBA is signing off until 2012

21 Dec

Our tree is decorated and we're heading home for the holidays. We'll see you in 2012!

This is the last day of the year we’ll be blogging here. Our offices will be closed and, excuse us, but we won’t be working. Our morning briefs and daily news updates will be put on hold until January 2, when we open the office again. Sorry! If you’re looking for a place holder, you can always look back through the old news and pretend it’s new again. “What? Chobani yogurt is coming to southeast Idaho??” you can say in faux-wonderment. So have a merry Christmas/happy Hanukkah/wonderful Kwanzaa/splendid Solstice/fabulous Festivus/great non-religious winter break! Oh and don’t get too crazy on New Year’s Eve. We don’t want to see your mug shot plastered across the TBA blog come January. See you in 2012!

“TBA has a new blog? Tell me more!”

27 Jul

If there’s one thing we at TBA just can’t stand, it’s waiting an entire month to give you, the readers, anything to actually read. I mean, UGGHH, just be the first of the month already! Out of our impatience, we’ve decided to start up our very own TBA blog that will update daily to bring you lots of wonderful things to read while you’re pretending to work. “But what kinds of wonderful things will you post on said blog?” you ask. Good question! Here you’ll find:

  • Our very own local news and feature stories!
  • Events, updates and announcements!
  • Photos!
  • Music!
  • Links to things we like!
  • Other things you won’t find in the pages of your monthly TBA!

Personally, we’re pretty excited about the whole thing. If you’re looking to submit articles for the paper, read TBA online or advertise with us, the other website will still be up and running. Just think of this as a little something extra. The best part for you, of course, is that you don’t have to do a thing! That’s right, you just rest your pretty little head while we do alllll the work. Hey, you deserve it. The shenanigans begin tomorrow, so make sure to come on back. As a wise man once said: “I think this is the beginning of a beautiful [newspaper/reader] friendship.”