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Man robbed at knife point in Pocatello

12 Mar

Pocatello Police are looking for two suspects after they robbed a man at knife point in Pocatello early Saturday morning.

According to police, two white men robbed another man at South Union Pacific Avenue and Center Street just after 3 a.m. One is described as about 5 feet 8 inches tall with brown eyes, blonde hair and a goatee, wearing a plain green hoodie and jeans. The other is six feet 2 inches tall with brown hair, wearing a black hoodie with white writing on the front.

One man held a knife to the victim’s neck and took cash from him, said police. The two were last seen heading westbound on Center Street toward Main Street and Arthur Avenue.

Police are asking anyone with any information to call them at 234.6100.


Pocatello Zoo sets up auction to name cougar cub

8 Mar

This adorable cougar cub at the Pocatello Zoo doesn't have a name yet, but YOU can name it–for a price. (Photo via eBay)

You might be sitting there, thinking “Pssh, I bet only the elite 1% get to name cougar cubs.” Well, you’re kind of right. While the richest person interested ultimately gets to name this cub, even YOU can give it a try!

The Pocatello Zoo has set up an auction on eBay, where the top bidder gets naming rights for their adorable orphaned male mountain lion cub. The bidding will end on March 15, and all the proceeds will go toward enlarging the cougar exhibit and completing the grizzly bear exhibit.

It seems like the bidding is pretty popular. It already has 13 bids between four bidders and the price is up to $520. If you win, you also get a color photo of the cub, a Pocatello Zoo Society family membership for a year and two guest passes to the zoo.

But most importantly, you get to NAME A LION. How cool is that? I’ll answer that for you, it’s very cool.

Pickup truck crashes into Rexburg church

6 Mar

A pickup truck crashed into an LDS church on Summerwood Drive in Rexburg Tuesday morning, in what appears to be a drunk-driving crash-and-run.

Police found a 1990 Ford F-150 at 2 a.m. Tuesday, crashed into the side of the building. The truck was unoccupied, but they found several containers of alcohol. The truck appeared to have been driving west on Second North when it veered off the road, jumped the curb and hit the chapel, said police.

The truck was totaled, but police have not said exactly what kind of damage was done to the church. It was registered to a Tyson J. Moore, who police have not been able to get in touch with so far. However, they also believe there could have been a passenger.

[via LN8]

Pocatello man arrested for sex with 12 year old

8 Feb

Cory Mark Booker, 18, was arrested in Pocatello for sexual conduct with a 12-year-old girl.

Pocatello Police arrested Cory Mark Booker, 18, on Tuesday for allegedly having sexual contact with a 12-year-old girl. Police arrested Booker after conducting interviews regarding a report they received on the incident. Booker was arrested for a felony count of lewd conduct with a minor.

Idaho Falls Police looking for man who watches you sleep

3 Feb

Idaho Falls Police are looking for an unidentified man who broke into two homes to steal things and watch people sleep early Friday morning. This is also known as the creepiest kind of crime ever (at least he wasn’t dressed like a clown).

According to police, a man wearing a black hoodie broke into two homes, one on the 700 block of Brandon Drive and another on the 2100 block of Rendezvous Street. The first victim said she woke up to find the man in her bedroom. She naturally woke up screaming, causing the man to flee. The second victim also woke up to find the man in the bedroom, but yelled at him until he fled through a bathroom window.

It sounds like the break-ins weren’t entirely for creepiness, as the suspect also got away with some stolen items. We don’t have a lot of descriptors to go on here, he is described as a 5 feet 5 inches tall with a medium build. So he’s a short, creepy man. Anyone who knows a short, creepy man who might have been breaking into Idaho Falls homes this morning can call the IFPD at 208.529.1200.

Chubbuck man shot a cat with an arrow

17 Jan

Well here’s some great mid-morning horror news. A man in Chubbuck was cited for cruelty to animals, along with a violation of the city’s projectile weapons ordinance, after he shot a domestic cat with an arrow earlier this month. According to police,  Justin Guinn, 38, shot the cat back on Jan. 6 in the Eagle Road area of Chubbuck. Police received the report and gathered enough information to bring in Guinn as an official suspect.

Both Guinn’s charges are misdemeanors and he was released on his promise to show up to his court date. According to the Idaho State Journal, the cat is alive and at home recovering.

Burglar hits ISU apartment

16 Jan

According to Idaho State University Public Safety, a burglar broke into an ISU apartment in the late hours of Saturday night into Sunday morning. The burglar apparently entered an apartment at university Courts through an open window, then stole a bunch of stuff including a 42-inch plasma TV, an Xbox 360 and controller, and an HP 14-inch gold laptop. The Pocatello Police Department is now involved but there are no suspects yet.

The burglar, meanwhile, is probably enjoying his brand new entertainment system.

Idaho Falls police warn of fake FBI phone scam

20 Dec

No, the FBI does not require "insurance money" so they can send you a check.

The Idaho Falls Police Department is warning everybody of the latest scam to hit southeast Idaho: the fake FBI money scam. You might be saying to yourself “I think I could tell the fake FBI from the real FBI, jeez,” but could you, really? Apparently several people have fallen victim to this scam, enough that it warrants the IFPD’s “fraud alert.” So how does it work?

It sounds like the scammers use a combination of  the FBI’s tendency to be totally confusing and people’s love of getting money from the government. From the IFPD:

The caller will tell you that they are attempting to return money that was stolen from a sweepstakes or return money from timeshares that was recovered during an investigation. The caller will then request that money be sent to pay for the insurance to send the money via money order.

“So you’re telling me you want me to send you money so you can send me money that was recovered during an investigation of some sweepstakes I apparently entered some time?” the conversation probably goes. If you can shake the temptation to potentially get money from the federal government, you should hang up and call the police, say the IFPD. After all, as police point out, there is no government agency that will make you pay them to send you money, no matter how gruff and official the “agent” sounds on the phone.

Pocatello woman arrested for throwing fountain drink at cop

19 Dec

Meet Serrena Jensen, lover of fountain drinks and maker of bad decisions.

Here’s a tip: when a police officer shows up at your house, the wrong thing to do is throw your drink at him. Serrena Jensen apparently didn’t know about this, and is now in jail after throwing a fountain drink at a Pocatello Police officer who showed up at her house for reports that she was suicidal. According to the report, she hit him square in the head.

Police arrested Jensen and took her to the hospital, where she was medically cleared and visited by a social worker, before they took her to the Bannock County Jail. If you’re concerned about the officer, he  and his head are unharmed, according to the Pocatello Police Department. No word on whether or not his uniform was covered Mountain Dew as a result of the attack.

Chemical spill evacuates Idaho Falls building

8 Dec

Everybody at “a building on Technology Drive” in Idaho Falls has been evacuated after a chemical spill this morning, according to Local News 8. Emergency personnel said the spill happened during an experiment in one of the research bays rented out by Idaho State University’s research team (go Bengals!).

No injuries have been reported yet, but five people were transported to the Willow Creek medical office nearby for examinations. Also no word yet on whether or not the spilled chemicals resulted in the development of any super-powered ISU researchers. We’ll keep you updated here, if anything worthwhile actually comes out of this, but especially if anybody gains super powers.

[via LN8]